Merger Divestment & Acquisition Programs


To assist owners and management of closely held companies to obtain liquidity by identifying the most logical acquirer for the business and negotiate terms to suit the client's needs.


To assist acquisition-minded companies in the area of external growth and planned diversification through logical acquisitions by conducting searches for qualified candidates, then participating in negotiations and due diligence leading to a successful transaction.


To assist growing companies and start-ups in obtaining interim and permanent financing for expansion or acquisition. To arrange financing for individual entrepreneurs to acquire spin-offs or closely held companies.


To assist companies in maximizing return on invested capital through selective divestiture of divisions or subsidiaries.


To assist stockholders and management of public and closely held companies in establishing values for ESOP's, estate and gift taxes, to settle legal actions involving value and in evaluating merger proposals.

Current Listings

Ag Processing Machinery
Revenue $8m | Cash Flow $3m

Cement Contractor
Revenue $20m | Cash Flow $6m

Consulting Engineer
Revenue $20m | Cash Flow $2.5m

Horticulture Nursery
Revenue $100m | Cash Flow $8m

Special Machines
Revenue $13m | Cash Flow $1.5m

Underwater Bridge Contractor
Revenue $5m | Cash Flow $1m

Full data is available upon execution of a C/A.

Combined Experience

Let Sexton Throne & Co. lend their combined decades of mergers & acquisitions experience to serve your business needs.

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